Some More Pics {Recent Ones} =)

Big Boy waiting patiently for ice cream at Sonic!
Big Boy walking Everywhere

Eating Grass....
Doesnt look like we will be adding this to his menu.

Loving the Monkey at the zoo.
This was the first time he was interested. It was probably because his awesome daddy held him and he was able to see.
You can see Baby A behind him.

Mr. Hollywood

I made him some play sand....
He was not interested AT ALL.

He rather sit on the box instead.
I love his flushed cheeks =)

Contemplating whether or not to touch Azul's food

He has dicovered our trash and loves to throw all things away...EWW!
I have found my mascara, paci, sippy cup, etc.
You can see his CARS sippy in the trash below.

Levi thought giving Azul a bath was the funniest thing.
I went to Once Upon A Child last weekend and bought these button downs for him.
He is going to look even more handsome!
To Quote ZZ Top's song
"every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man"
He didnt like the sand...
or sprinkler.
This was as close as he got.
He is perfectly content on just walking around.

Levi picked this flower off the ground and brought it to me. So Sweet. I saved it!!!

Sweet Sweet Sweet Boy!

He was walking around with Azuls bag of Pupperoni's the other day, Azul kept watching him thinking,
"Well, are you gonna give me one?"
Silly Boy loves Outside

We also went to the zoo a week or so ago and my SIL took this pic of us.

 2 posts in 1 week....

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Unknown said...

Love seeing his sweet face on your blog 2x in one week :)

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