A Day in Our Life: Levi 14 Months

I always enjoy reading what SAHM's do during the day so I thought I would record what a day looks like right now for us. I wrote down everything we did yesterday and I am exhausted thinking about it =). This will probably be boring to most, but I find it interesting how much we do during the day.

5:50a Matt gets up, showers. I fix his coffee, put ice pack in his lunch, write him a note, get his breakfast ready (packets of oatmeal, banana), Fix Azul's food.
6:00a Quiet Time and Prayer
6:15a Matt leaves for work, I go back to sleep =)
8:00a Levi wakes up, I change his diaper
8:10a Breakfast for Levi. Blueberry Pancakes/Strawberries/Milk. I let Azul outside and give him a treat.
8:30a Change into jogging clothes, get Levi dressed, Azul harnessed, grab juice/snacks and head out.
8:35a Jog/Walk with Levi. Azul goes to and rides in the basket =)
9:00a Stop and chat with my neighbor Maggie. Levi plays with her kids. They always like Azul.
9:17a Head home, pass my other neighbor Lindsey (jogging with triplets) and talk with her for a few minutes.
9:30a Head out back with Levi and Azul. Get my yoga mat for my ab workout....Levi likes to climb on me while I do this.
10:20a Head Inside, Diaper change for Levi, check email, snack for Levi.
10:40a Playtime Downstairs: read books, play with mega blocks, Azul's toys
11:30a Lunch for Levi while he watches Barney. PB and J, craisans, pretzels, milk. Eat lunch myself: Cheese Tortilla Rollups. Also while Levi is eating, I start prepping for dinner. Make cole slaw (turns out bad)
12:00p Clean Levi up, more playtime
12:15p Diaper change for Levi, put Levi in crib for a few minutes to play and wind down. I wipe down highchair, start load of cloth diapers, start water for spaghetti noodles, and start browning ground turkey.
12:25p Head upstairs to lay Levi down for nap. He "talks" to himself for a little while and falls asleep by 12:45p.
12:25p-1:58p Finish Spaghetti, Make Tea, Clean dishes, Make appt for Home Insurance, Send/Receive texts, Make coffee for Matt for the next day, Make Matt's lunch, Make trail Mix, Shower, Blowdry hair, makeup, Clean Master Bath, Dust Bedroom, Check Mail, Switch Diapers from Washer to Dryer. Start another load of clothes, Azul naps.
1:58-3:30p I get Azul and we snuggle up on the couch and I read my Karen Kingsbury Book and nap.
3:30p Levi wakes up, diaper change, snack (Avocado Pudding). I eat dinner early because I have to do hair tonight. I look for my fall wreath that I made last year but couldn't find it. Let Azul outside.
3:45p Levi plays. We go check the mail again. We got a letter/progress report/picture from our sponsored child, Ibula from Malawi. That is always a treat to hear updates from them. We play some more, "Where Is Levi?", He plays in tupperware and pots and pans. Runs all over the house. I stuff cloth diapers.
4:33p Matt calls to say he is headed home. Yippee!
5p: Levi gets into trouple while I get Matt's and Levi's dinner ready =).
5:15p We head outside to play while we wait on Matt to get home. I decide to trim up some bushes and get attacked by wasps. Matt gets home shortly after
5:30p I serve Matt and Levi dinner. Matt: Spaghetti, Cole Slaw, Buttered Bread. Levi: Chicken Nuggets, Pears, String Cheese. Answer knock at the door, it was a lawn service soliciting.
5:45p Leave my 2 Favorite people and my favorite dog for hair night.
5:45-7:30pm Matt and Levi play inside and out.
7:30ish Matt gives Levi a bath, puts on jammies, brushes L's teeth.
8pm: Reads books, prays and puts him to bed.
8:15pm Levi falls asleep
8:15-10:15 Matt cleans up playroom and washes sippy cups for the next day, relaxes, lets Azul out, gives him his treat, showers.
10:15pm I get home from hair night and we crash.
Crazy how much I get done in a days time. The one thing that upsets me about how I spend my time is, I only carve out 15 minutes of my entire day for quiet time....thats sad.
Hope you enjoyed reading....if you got throught the whole thing =)
Tonight, we add Wednesday night service to our agenda. Matt and I are excited about the classes we have signed up for. Some topics include:
Prayer at Home, Scripture Memory Made Easy, Faith Talks at Home, Power of a Praying Couple.
And next week Levi and I start MOMS, a Thursday morning bible study!


arkie said...

Just stopped by and saw how much your little man has grown! I don't get near as much done as you do! I am raising two of my grandkids, ages 2 and 3. Nap time has almost disappeared at our house. How I miss it!

Unknown said...

Wooo that sounds like a busy busy day. I'm tired just from reading it. I'm sure you slept good after that, well I would hope :).

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