Change of Plans and Some New Shoes!

Levi and I went to MOMS, our Thursday morning bible study yesterday. It was so nice to be able to again since we missed 2 weeks because of being sick.
As I was dropping off Levi, I noticed his room was short a teacher. I asked if they needed help, but it wouldn't be good for me to help in Levi's room since he only wants me. They finally got some help. I headed over to my small group study and was catching up with some friends when a lady walked in and asked for nursery volunteers. I sat and sat and sat reeeally not wanting to miss the study but knowing the need, I finally volunteered to help.
When I got to the preschool area, I was fully expecting to help in the 1s, 2s, or 3s, but they asked if I could help out with 5 yr olds. Really? I wasn't so sure about it. I found my way to an area that I hadn't been to before.
I spent the morning with the most adorable, sweet 5 yr olds ever! They were so smart, knew sooo much about Jesus, had so many questions, loved singing hymns and doing art projects.
It made me realize that what I am doing staying at home with Levi really matters. It does. Being intentional with him and talking/singing/praying about Jesus really does matter. He will be just like one of those cutie pies very soon. The time is now to plant little seeds of faith in him.
I can only take him as far as I have been in my walk with the Lord. Not any farther. I got to buckle down and take my quiet times more seriously, my prayer life too.
This is the only picture I took yesterday morning. This is only 1/2 of the 5 yr olds having playtime in the gym. They loved to play "tag". I sure am glad I wore tennis shoes, I ran so much yesterday!
After MOMS, Levi man and I headed to Stride Rite and got him some new shoes! He is in a size 6.
His foot looks huge! These had a little more white than Matt and I wanted, but this style is washable!

Little Man is getting big!

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