Chili Cook-Off

2 Weekends ago, our Life Group at church had their annual Fall Fest/Chili Cookoff! It was at our friend's Ben and Abbey's new home in Eads. They had  a few acres and had built this chicken coop. It was a hit with all the kids. Levi really liked looking at the Guineas. They are smaller than chickens.

He also reeeally loved their dog. He was precious, he kept pushing the dog's booty down and would hug on him. This boy loves dogs!
We had about 10 chilis competing for the prize. This is the judging table. Pastor Steve Gaines came to judge the cookoff. Notice him in the back right of the picture??
Oh, and Matt would want me to menttion this delicious chocolate pie that Donna Gaines made. You can see it on the counter in the pic below. He said it was as good as his nanny makes.
We didnt place in the chili cook off, but guess who won 1st place?? Emily!!
She won a date night to Chili's! How cute, huh? =)
Sweet Levi man and Daddy! It came a heavy thunderstorm, so some couples hung out in the garage where some tables were set up. There were close to 100 people there!

Great weekend! I kind of want a chicken coop now...j/k!

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Anonymous said...

Levi is so happy. Glad to see that he is loving the outdoors. I'm so proud of you sis.I love your blog and I show it off to all my co-workers.I'll c u Thursday. Can't wait to play with Levi man. Love ya'll sooooo much. MOM XXOO

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