Nursery Progress: LEVI in letters

We had originally planned to buy a monogram for over Levi's crib, but since that wall was adjacent to the wall with the mural on it, I figured it would be to much vinyl.

So, I bought these letters for 30% off at Hobby Lobby for $1.40 each + 5 sheets of scrapbook paper.

I had also originally planned to cover them with the scrapbook paper, but thought painting them would be much more simple. I did end up using the paper in this project and this one.

I wanted to attach the letters to a piece of 1x2 so it would be fixed on the wall without the chance of it falling on his head

I stained a piece of 1x2

And, hot glued the letters onto the 1x2

Here it is above Levi's crib

Just a few more touches to go and we will be finished!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like how you hung them instead of the popular way with a ribbon. It looks much more boyish the way you did it. It is all looking really great!

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